Professional Services in Cultural Context

Professional Services tailored to Cultural Needs

Who we work with

There are no barriers or eligibility requirements to avail our services, as long as your needs are in Australia. People from any background, age, gender or location are welcome to contact us.

Our services are developed keeping in mind South Asian communities and their broadbased cultural contexts.  Navigating and dealing with issues in Australia has the same application, challenges and barriers across Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities.

We are here to assist:

  • Any vulnerable people in crisis or distress
  • Service providers
  • Corporate organisations
  • Government departments in cultural consultancy and capacity building.

If you have a situation that you are unsure of, get in touch and we can do an initial assessment to see how we can assist or navigate to the appropriate support/service.

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Our support team

Our support team is made up of

  • Highly skilled trained support workers, professionals and specialists
  • Most speak an additional language from the Indian subcontinent
  • Are culturally in context and have a strong understanding of the clients and their individual situations
  • Specialise in conflict resolution
  • Adopt best practice based on proven research & data
  • Abide by client confidentiality and trust.


Client Services

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) community needs are acknowledged have more complexity; be multi-faceted with layers and intersections.

Our services are client-centric within cultural frameworks, for purpose and context.

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Case Management

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Domestic Violence Vulnerable Person

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Migration & Settlement

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Family Support

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The Men’s Program

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Mental Health

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Family Dispute

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Ageing & Disability

Professional Development

Our experience from grassroots support work is captured in a growing bank of knowledge.

From data we analyse trends, identify emerging community needs; we correlate it with community views and collaborating providers.  This builds our Community [Market] Intelligence

We use the community intelligence and broadening expertise to develop products to improve systems whether as a community, individual client, customers or part of a workforce

Our professional development products are aimed at better practice, more knowledge, becoming more informed, gaining skills and tools to work more effectively with CALD communities.

We develop bespoke training within cultural frameworks and look to improve practice through workshops.

Our specialisation is to tailor materials to fit organisational profile and objectives.

Some ways we share our knowledge and expertise:

  • Information: Presentations
  • Knowledge: Training
  • Practice: Workshops
  • Resources: Material tools
  • Bespoke Training: Courses
  • Community Capacity: Awareness

Consumers of our products frontline workers, sector service providers and corporates.  You can view the full catalogue of professional development opportunities on offer.

Professional development
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Improved and advancing Community Intelligence means we better comprehend our communities.

We cultivate this expertise, knowledge, skills and experience and synthesise into cultural consultancy for use in a range of settings.


We assist clients where there is a need for understanding of circumstances intersected with the underlying vulnerabilities and cultural complexities.  Our assessment reports have a significant degree of success across multiple authorities; the most common being domestic & family violence, legal settings, migration matters and detention.

Corporates & Agencies

Our consulting has expanded to a range of purposes, with growing application in organisations for Human Resource Management, Corporate Policy, Communications (Community Engagement) and Marketing


Our Consultancy helps improve systems, processes, policy that in turn improve access and participation for CALD Clients or better understand CALD workforce or markets.

We can offer quality cultural consulting in:

  • Cultural Consultancy – eg customer markets
  • Systems Engineering – improving systems
  • Client Assessment Reports – client advocacy
  • CALD Auditing: organisational quality systems
  • CALD Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – staff support
  • CALD Clinical [&} Group Supervision – better practice
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Specialist Services

Our specialist services are a response to the unique needs of South Asian communities.  These services are bespoke or a tailored service to fill gaps in the system or to improve access and participation for the client.

  • Administration Management: document reading, responding and drafting for complex situation. Managing personal documents and data.  For people with limited literacy, this can be an essential support.
  • Communication Exchange: any way we can improve communication and language; interpreting, translating, audio, reading, contextualising.
  • Outreach: Client intake, cultural assessment
  • Cross Jurisdiction: Assist clients dealing with matters in Australia when they live in another country.

Community Connections

ICSA remains true to the community we serve.  Our service delivery is a key builder of community intelligence; our collaborating in the sector gives us a better context of where the CALD community sits.

However, we can only properly understand the community itself by remaining connected to the wider CALD community and society. 

We do this through

  • Community education
  • Support group sessions
  • Projects with social integration
  • Awareness & prevention
  • Communications; Newsletters, Social Media
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