We offer professional advice and services to individuals or organisations seeking expertise in CALD-related contexts.

The Community Intelligence allows for a deeper understanding of our clients and communities to craft better and more appropriate responses.

We cultivate expertise, knowledge, skills and experience to a wider range of application in the form of cultural consultancy. Meaning more organisations, agencies or individuals can benefit in the form of more effective outcomes.

Individuals, especially those in a vulnerable or precarious situation benefit from specialised client advocacy that in in context and explains relevant intersectionality.

Commercial organisations with a growing CALD workforce are increasingly seeking to have appropriate and effective policy and practices to support their staff.  The return on investment being greater and improved productivity.

Better capitalisation of an organisation’s CALD capital releases opportunities to develop new or existing markets locally and overseas.

Agency Systems can return much better outcomes when they are re-engineered to be inclusive and incorporate fundamental intersections of the end consumer.

Client Advocacy

ICSA prepares expert assessments to facilitate client matters in: immigration, appeals, legal affairs, applications or medical treatment.

People from a Multicultural background or Non English Speaking Background (NESB), often struggle to communicate their situation and the context of what they want to say.

The use of interpreters and translators is limited in contextualising within the realm of administrative or legal constraints.

ICSA client advocacy ensures the person is properly understood in terms of the relevant;

  • background
  • cultural intersections or barriers
  • situation within the context of proceedings

We ensure there is no miscommunication through slang, grammatical error or in appropriate use of English words.   As such the process had the added benefit of client being educated in the process they are in and be better informed to make decisions accordingly.

Our services include advice, contexts, document drafting and preparing full assessment reports.

Client Assessment Reports are most commonly requested for clients in a DFV situation (victim or perpetrator), immigration processes and legal matters.

Corporates & Agencies

Our specialisation is within the Cultural & Linguistically Diverse (CALD) community context.  Expertise developed through experience, evidence base and a deeper understanding of cultural intersections.

We offer cultural consultancy to organisations and agencies on a diverse range of matters.   

Key outcomes sought through engaging our consultancy:

  1. Better service to clients, customers and consumers
  2. Better productivity: effecting workplaces with practices that can overcome barriers faced by migrant or multicultural workers.
  3. Grow customer bases or enter new markets.

We highly recommend starting with a CALD audit to see how well you are doing and where your organisation could improve.


Co-design allows organisations and agencies to get quality outcomes by involving and consulting with all stakeholder.  Engaging sponsors, policy, specialists and the end consumer allows for a process or system that is designed in mind of all parties.

ICSA offers a cultural lens and the experience of our clients as the end users.  It is key to understand that asking the end consumer for input on how a system can be improved is limited by how much the consumer knows about the infrastructure, budgetary limitations and legal nuances.  This is doubly difficult when that consumer is CALD and has a background of knowing systems (or lack thereof) in another country. 

ICSA can assist the co-design process through the consultation process; to ensure the consumer is engaged in a way that fits their capacity and their views are considered in context of their intersections and knowledge. 

As an advocate for clients and the wider CALD community, we are able can expedite the design process as our expertise allows us to identify ideas that are unlikely to work based on our experience and cultural awareness.

ICSA provides input to co-design in the areas of:

  • Health
  • Domestic & Family Violence
  • Mental Health
  • Migration
  • Drug & Alcohol abuse

We can assist in multiple ways from a simple review and advice to being part of working groups.  

Clinical Supervision

ICSA offers clinical supervision in the form of individual, group or outreach to all workers; with a specialisation on new migrants entering the workforce.

Clinical Supervision aim is practice improvement, professional development; balancing professional and personal obligations, a welfare check and mentored career progression.

This can be quite overwhelming for new employees and for people who do not have much experience in the Australian work environment with little knowledge of career advancement.

We offer clinical supervision support to individuals or contract to organisations, which can be supplemented with a CALD Employee Assistance Program (EAP). 

In bespoke areas (eg CALD DFV) from time to time we arrange group sessions for employees from a variety of organisations.  Details are released via newsletter or on our social media.

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