Case Management

We specialise in complex issues for clients with multiple intersections. We are client centric working out pragmatic options that are a cultural fit. 

What is Crisis & Case Management

Case management is a process of managing multiple problems with the right professional help.

Anyone can become vulnerable and confused in times of difficulty or stress, particularly in times of trauma. 

In such times making appropriate decisions in what can be complex systems can be overwhelming.  Navigating several systems to understand and deal with multiple obligations is complicated and bewildering.

Case management offers support from a professional in helping sort and prioritise matters.  Addressing each issue in an orderly and timely manner.  Assisting in making informed decisions about complicated issues, using referrals to get to appropriate experts. 

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Why us – Unique Expertise

ICSA is a culturally informed service that works within the system standards, offering unique expertise:

  • We have experience in culturally complex case management.
  • We understand traditions, cultures, family dynamics and their complexities.
  • We have knowledge of Australian systems, processes and pathways.
  • We are a multi-lingual service.
  • We are professional, yet compassionate and empathetic of every client’s situation.
  • We have helped families, individuals, youth, seniors with support services.
  • We work with you to find the best options that suit your circumstances.
  • We are a confidential and safe service.

Clients in Crisis

A crisis is never the same, some people are very capable and need a little support; others need a lot of intensive support to overcome the situation. 

When in crisis it is easy to make mistakes, errors of judgement or rush into decisions that may not have consequences. 

  • Domestic and Family Violence; advice to holistic  practical assistance
  • Temporary Residency: rights and pathways
  • Settlement in Australia: navigating multiple systems.
  • Manage legal issues: across different agencies.
  • Legal Compliance: penalties & corrections orders
  • Family separation or grief: administrative obligations
  • Dealing with racism and discrimination: your rights
  • Employment: developing a career pathway.
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Culturally Informed Client Management

Our case management services are client-led within a cultural framework to balance practical and cultural needs.

  • Safety: physical and cultural
  • 360 degree review of intersectional needs
  • Navigating and negotiating authorities
  • Pragmatic assistance & referrals to specialists
  • Client Advocacy: assessment reports
  • Counselling and Mental Health support
  • Recovery & Healing: connecting back to community.


Diversity in Client Referrals

Our expertise comes from grass roots experience, participating in sector development drawing on growing cultural intel. As such our services draw clients in many ways.

  • Directly: individuals or families seeking help for any number of issues.
  • Service providers referring CALD clients: due complexity and intersections.
  • Specialist DFV services needing assistance with cultural intersections or language needs.
  • Community members referring people in need.
  • Frontline and Government services.
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Q. Will I get deported?

The most commonly asked question, usually the answer is no, but each situation is individual and needs review.

Q. Can I ask for help if I am not born in Australia?

A: Yes

Q: Can I make an enquiry for someone else?

A: Yes.

Q: Will my family know if I contact you?

A: Our service is completely confidential.

Q: Is your service only for people who migrate from the Indian Sub-Continent?

A: Our service is open to all.

Q: Do I have to pay for your services?

A: There is no charge for our core service of case management, Fees and charges may apply for specialist services only if needed.

Q: What if I can't afford to pay for your fee based services?

A: We will assist in finding a solution within your means