Client Services

CALD client issues can be complex and can intersect across multiple levels. At ICSA we provide client-centric support towards outcomes that best suit needs.

Who we work with

We support clients through referrals from

  • Service providers
  • Front line staff
  • The Police and support services
  • Community groups
  • Former clients
  • Social media or via word of mouth.

Clients are generally referred to us after being involved with one or many agencies, who have not managed to find a suitable outcome for the client. This additional time spent in navigating the system routinely adds to the complexity of the client’s case and circumstances.

We accept clients who have already engaged with multiple agencies and are already overwhelmed, and in many cases, traumatised and despairing of the support systems.

Our range of services is wide. We have assisted clients in areas of DFV, family conflicts, mental health support, language support overcoming language barriers and migration issues. We have also assisted in unique cases such as locating a missing person, student issues, court advocacy, supporting families when a member is incarcerated and assisting with funeral arrangements.

Every client is unique and we offer comprehensive support to assist them in achieving the best possible outcome.

Our support team

Our support team is made up of

  • Highly skilled trained support workers, professionals and specialists
  • Most speak an additional language from the Indian subcontinent
  • Are culturally in context and have a strong understanding of the clients and their individual situations
  • Specialise in conflict resolution
  • Adopt best practice based on proven research & data
  • Abide by client confidentiality and trust.


Client Services

The issues and needs in CALD communities are generally acknowledged to be more complex, multi-faceted and layered with intersections. Our case work is within this cultural context. ICSA Client Services are client centric and include:

Case Management

Domestic Violence Vulnerable Person

Migration & Settlement

Family Support

The Men’s Program

Mental Health

Family Dispute

Ageing & Disability


Q: What does ICSA do?

A: We help people, particularly those from CALD communities. We assist in matters relating to DFV, migration & settlement, family support, men’s support, family disputes, mental health, ageing and disability. 

Q: Who can use your services?

A: Anyone in Australia. Our services are available to everyone, regardless of age, gender, faith, race or social status. 

Q: How can ICSA help me?

A: Everyone needs some support from time to time, whether it’s an issue with family, partner, children, work or something else. At ICSA we can help you understand systems, consequences and outcomes, work out your options and pathways, and connect you to the right specialists, as needed. We ensure you have the right information to make informed decisions. 

Q: What's special about ICSA?

A: We are the first NGO for South Asian communities. We understand your issues from a cultural context, specially in relation to family conflict, reconciliation and how culture can impact relationships and attitudes. We are respectful, empathetic, non-judgemental and non-biased.  

Q: Does ICSA offer other services?

A: Yes, ICSA also has specialist services like assessment reports (immigration, legal, DFV), language/translation, document drafting and training courses. 

Q: What are ICSA's operating hours

A: 8:30am – 4:00pm (Mon-Fri)  

Contact us by emailing or leaving a message on 04X XXX XXXX