We undertake campaigning, consultation, representation and research to speak up for those who cannot.

Social Justice

We address issues that directly impact the community and clients we serve.

We use evidence-based data through case management and community intelligence to advocate on issues that affect the community such as

  • Dowry Abuse
  • Domestic and family violence
  • Migrant and student issues
  • CALD men’s support services
  • Human trafficking

Since 2014 we have advocated for change through over 25 representations, some of which are ongoing.

Click below to view our work with other partners on Dowry Abuse.


Dowry Abuse

2022 – The Dowry Abuse Research Paper launched with findings and recommendations, developed in partnership with City of Parramatta, Western Sydney University, Settlement Services International and ICSA.

2019 – Dowry Abuse was formally acknowledged as a form of Domestic and Family Violence in Victoria. ICSA led  the roundtable to discuss implementation into NSW legislation.


Consultancy is a significant part of our advocacy, and we currently participate in over 40 committees and reference groups representing Culturally & Linguistically Diverse (CALD), Indian Subcontinent and South Asian communities.

We have participated in over 120 consultations across all levels of Government, academics and specialised service providers.

We accept requests for white papers, submissions or research and data.

We have been involved as active contributors in government enquiries, policy development, change and recommendations consultation, and collaborative submissions.


We have advocated for

  • Dowry Practice & Abuse 
  • State imposed disadvantages – eg International Students
  • Systems Improvements eg Immigration
  • Domestic & Family Violence in CALD communities
  • Cultural Literacy in Australian practice models



To address client-related issues and challenges we have undertaken research projects with

  • The University of Sydney
  • UTS
  • Red Cross
  • FMN
  • Deloitte
  • Scanlon Foundation

The outcomes have been to develop resources and strategies for better understanding, identification, prevention and intervention.

We have assisted organisations to build capacity and academic expertise by contributing to research.

ICSA Representation

Interagency memberships

Hours of capacity building

Submissions, reports & briefs

Consultations across the sector

Cups of coffee & counting

Partnerships and collaborations

Our advocacy has raised awareness of systemic gaps across immigration, health, domestic & family violence, education and a lack of cultural literacy that affect our clients and community.

We have collaborated and partnered with the University of Sydney, UTS, Red Cross & FMN and Deloitte. We are represented on NSW Womens Reference Group, local Government Safety Committees and many more.

We partnered with NSW Police, Cumberland Council,  City of Parramatta, Western Sydney University, Settlement Services International and ICSA to deliver joint initiatives.

Current  News


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