Supporting Families

Providing the right support at the right time, in the family’s best interests.

Families in need

Our family support can be accessed by anyone: individuals, couples, parents and children and extended families.   

We provide support that focuses on assisting families who are facing challenges to navigate systems.  Dealing with multiple services can be overwhelming for those who are not accustomed to social services and processes seem to be confusing.

We have specialisation in addressing cultural intersections and migrant related issues.  Our aim is to assist people in minimising negative impacts and source best outcomes, with due consideration to circumstances and capacity.

Our Services


Our services are based on a 360-degree perspective that covers all aspects of a family’s position and situation, we:

  • Undertake case management support as needed,
  • make appropriate referrals to specialist support or expert advice
  • pragmatically assist in navigating the systems
  • offer in language support and
  • help manage bespoke matters

We have supported families to find a missing person; family planning, foster care systems, guardianship administration.

Mental Wellbeing

Our support for mental wellbeing is in consideration of the attitudes held by community towards mental health.  We work with clients to assimilate mental health as part of overall health and well-being.

We offer specialist cultural counselling which is a bespoke service useful in situations such as:

  • Balancing competing relationships such as mother & wife
  • Dealing with family and in-laws after a relationship break up.
  • Newly arrived brides and grooms, adjusting to married life and first time coming to Australia
  • Managing family expectations eg: having a son/daughter, providing regular financial support back home, children’s education aspirations.


We offer families support to assist with children’s matters in a variety of situations.

  • Child protection; threat being taken into care or coming out of care.
  • Children exposed to Domestic & Family Violence adjusting to parenting orders.
  • Supervised children’s contact visits (as court ordered)
  • Navigating the system and getting access for special needs
  • Supporting families to access the correct and appropriate support through NDIS.



We use our connections with youth groups to connect young people relative to their focus and needs.  ICSA offers advice to services on cultural intersections when dealing with issues such as:

  • Drug & Alcohol abuse
  • Intimate partner relationships
  • Sexuality & LGBTQI
  • Issues that migrant youth find difficult to discuss with their family.

End of Life

Coping with end of life is challenging whether for self or a loved one.  Too many people do not consider planning or preparation and therefore have a propensity to deal in crisis mode.

We offer advice to service providers and frontline services regarding cultural intersections that can cause complications and delays.  For example, talking about death and terminal illness can be impacted by cultural superstitions and taboos.

Our services help individuals, or their loved ones navigate systems when preparing for the future.

  • Cultural protocols pre and post death
  • Traditional ceremonies & religious practices
  • Palliative care
  • Office of Guardianship, Wills and probate
  • Transporting last remains or ashes to another country
  • Post death administration – death duties, inheritance tax, sorting & clearing possessions

We can assist loved ones preparing for loss or post loss dealing with grief and bereavement.


A lack of direct family networks means people create their families.

In many South Asian cultures, people will adopt or emulate a familial relationship or create a networks paralleling kinship.

We have members who volunteer to be buddies for those people who don’t have networks yet or unsure of who to trust. Buddies are a confidential source of support and guidance at times of crisis.